Collaboration With Your Talk Therapist

We can work with your current therapist to help you get unstuck.

If you have a good relationship with your talk therapist but just need a nudge to get unstuck or to work through a particular emotional block or difficult piece of baggage then our collaboration program may be just what you need. Your collaboration program will include:

  • An initial evaluation to identify the root cause of why and how your current therapy is stuck.
  • Consultation with your current therapist.
  • Voicemail or email summaries of your progress and what you worked through given to your ongoing therapist at the end of every session so that they can follow up on every issue.

You may want to do one or more all-day intensives – what we call mental health days – where you come in for a 3-hour intensive in the morning, take a lunch break and then return for a 3-hour intensive in the afternoon.