Get to the ROOT & CORE

95% of therapists practice some form of talk therapy, we are in the 5% that give you another choice.

Talk therapy works from the top down, training you to use your thinking mind to control your emotional mind. While this model works for many problems, it falls apart if you have strong emotional reactions because strong emotions pull the plug on your thinking mind.

We do the exact opposite – we work from the bottom up, helping you to identify and eliminate the root causes of your reactions to help you to:

  • Heal your emotional wounds,
  • Eliminate your emotional baggage
  • Break through your emotional blocks

Once you find and eliminate the root causes of your emotional reactions you won’t be able to get yourself upset about them even when you try. Imagine how great it will feel when you don’t have to worry about getting triggered anymore, when you can just confidently do what you have always known you could and should do.

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