Mental Health Days (All Day Intensives)

You may want to do one or more all-day intensives – what we call mental health days – where you come in for a 3-hour intensive in the morning, take a lunch break and then return for a 3-hour intensive in the afternoon. You can achieve up to 6 months of therapy in a typical mental health day.

Mental health days help you achieve more than you thought was possible especially if:

  • You need to get to the other side of your problems ASAP.
  • You have a very busy schedule and it is easier to just take a full day off to concentrate on your mental health.
  • You have a major block or major piece of emotional baggage that you want to work through so that you can leave at the end of the day feeling lighter.
  • You have a long commute to get here and you want to squeeze as much therapy possible into every trip.