Your Initial Evaluation

We believe that you have to have a GOOD UNDERSTANDING to come up with a GOOD PLAN in order to achieve a GOOD OUTCOME.

Your initial evaluation is a 90-minute session designed to give you a good understanding of your problems, how they started, how they effect your life and what needs to happen to eliminate them. A good understanding will make perfect sense to us based on our knowledge of people in general and it must make perfect sense to you based on your knowledge of yourself in particular.

Your initial evaluation includes:

  • PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING to get a good baseline of any anxiety, depression, anger or interpersonal problems you are having.
  • AN EMOTIONAL EVALUATION – a set of exercises designed to allow issues and emotions that are under the surface to come to the surface. This helps us to see just where your issues are coming from, to start mapping out the root causes of your problems and to create a crystal clear picture of the New You, the Real You – YOU WITHOUT BAGGAGE