First you need to know that you are not alone, many people secretly struggle with nervousness, anxiety, panic attacks or chronic worry (generalized anxiety) for years or decades. Many only get partial relief from medication and traditional 45-minutes-once-a-week talk therapy for anxiety.

  • Does your anxiety limit your life?
  • Are you always waiting for the other shoe to fall?
  • Do you get sudden attacks of anxiety that come out of the blue?
  • Do you worry about getting anxious?
  • Do you avoid situations that make you anxious?
  • Do you worry that bad things may happen?
  • Does anxiety keep you awake at night or ruin your day?
  • Has talk therapy or medication failed to get to the core?
  • Does your anxiety keep coming back?

Thankfully, There is an Alternative

Over the past 20 years we have developed specific anxiety treatment programs that don’t just put a bandage on your symptoms but get to the root and the core.

Your Anxiety Coaching & Therapy Program will be:

  • Intensive – 3-hour sessions help you achieve up to 3 months of therapy in each session
  • Focused – You will get to the root and the core
  • Coaching Not Cheerleading – We will coach you to achieve more than you thought you could

Stop Running Away from Nightmares

At any moment in your life you are either chasing a dream or you are running away from a nightmare. When you are chasing a dream you are trying to get something good to happen, its like driving your car in forward gear. When you are running away from a nightmare you are trying to prevent something bad from happening, its like driving your car in reverse. When you suffer from chronic anxiety you are constantly running away from nightmares, always trying to prevent something bad from happening. It’s like trying to drive your car in reverse most of the time. Its not a good way to drive your car and its not a good way to live your life. Our job is to find the roots of your anxiety and resolve them from the bottom-up so that you can get back to chasing those really important dreams and moving forward in your life.