Social Anxiety and Self-Consciousness

We really enjoy helping people who are frustrated with traditional social anxiety therapy. Over the past 20 years we have developed specific social anxiety treatment programs that don’t just put a bandage on your symptoms but actually get to the root and the core.

  • Do you freeze up when speaking to groups or in meetings?
  • Do you avoid meeting strangers?
  • Do you worry about being made fun of, embarrassment or rejection?
  • Are you afraid of blushing or looking nervous?
  • Do you dread your turn to talk?

Vividly imagine your most embarrassing memory or your most challenging social situation. On a 0-10 scale, how tense and nervous do you get?

In general, the stronger your emotions, the longer your sessions need to be if you are going to get to the core and make real progress.

How We Are Different

Social Anxiety Coaching & Therapy gives you an alternative to traditional 45-minutes-a-week talk therapy that is:

  • Intensive – 3-hour sessions help you achieve up to 3 months of therapy in each session
  • Focused – Get to the root and core and resolve issues from the bottom-up.
  • Coaching Not Cheerleading – We coach you to achieve more than you thought you could

You need to know that – with the right help and some hard work – you can and will get your anxiety down to a ‘0’ or ‘1’. In fact, if you go to a therapist who tells you that you can’t achieve that goal, find another therapist!

Examples of Success

  • Public Speaking – Deborah used to dread public speaking as she never knew when her mind would go blank or she would all of a sudden stumble over things that she knew perfectly well. As a professional, this put a big limit on her career. After identifying and working through her root issues she now actually looks forward to speaking to even very large groups.
  • Strangers – Jon used to avoid public places, particularly if they were crowded. He was especially nervous when he was around anyone he was attracted to and, as a young single adult, this limited his social life tremendously. After identifying and working through his root issues he was able to go into a crowded store and calmly strike up a conversation with the most attractive stranger he could find.
  • Parties – Dan used to dread the cocktail parties that his very social wife loved to attend. He often refused to go or he would pick a fight with her so he wouldn’t have to go. When he couldn’t avoid it he was in agony the entire time. After identifying and working through his root issues he is thrilled that he can simply enjoy a cocktail party. While he is still not as social as his wife, the fake fights have stopped and they are able to fully enjoy their social life together.

Why Does This Happen to Me?

When you have social anxiety, every pair of eyeballs makes you more anxious. Your anxiety triggers the release of stress hormones that temporarily shut down positive feelings and trigger your fight-or-flight reaction.

The problem is – since positive relationships are built on positive feelings – you can’t connect with people when you are anxious, self-conscious & afraid. You lose your spontaneity. You can’t think clearly. You lose your sense of humor and timing. Your words just don’t come out right. Your anxiety stops you from connecting and the less you connect the more anxious you become. Does this sound familiar?

You can Become Calm and Confident

Your Social Anxiety Coaching & Therapy program will help you to:

  • Map out the emotional roots of your anxiety
  • Fully resolve your fear at the core
  • Identify and build on your strengths
  • Transform your emotional baggage into wisdom
  • Turn your hot-buttons into self-confidence

We look forward to being able to give you a high-five when you conquer your fear of public speaking and you actually enjoy giving a talk to 500 people.

We will love congratulating you when you overcome your anxiety about going to a get-together and you get excited about the 3 new friends you met.