Crystal Clear GOALS

Traditional 45-minutes-once-a-week therapy sessions often start with the therapist asking, “What do you want to talk about this week?” You move from topic to topic and after a few months or years you are not sure what exactly you have accomplished.

We help you identify a crystal clear goal in your very first session.

From your very first session we help you identify a concrete goal of therapy that we call your Personal Minor Miracle, something that is impossible for you to do now that will be proof positive that:

  • You got what you came for
  • You are where you want to be
  • It is more than worth your investment in time, finances and effort

From that moment on, every minute that we spend with you is focused on doing whatever-it-takes to help you achieve your goal as quickly as humanly possible.

WARNING: This will be some of the hardest emotional work that you have ever done. You will be tired after every session. We will be your THERAPIST/COACH, encouraging you to accomplish more than you thought was possible in each session.