90-minute & 3-hour Intensive Sessions

In general, the stronger your emotional reactions are, the longer your sessions need to be if you are going to make real progress.

We specialize in helping you prevent strong emotional reactions from ruining your life, your child’s life or your marriage. Finding and eliminating the root causes of strong reactions usually requires:

  • 90-MINUTE sessions where you can achieve up to a month’s worth of counseling and/or
  • 3-HOUR sessions that help you achieve up to 3 months worth of counseling in a single session

Having enough time to get to the emotional core of your problems also allows you to get to the other side of your issues faster and to fit your treatment plan into your schedule in new and creative ways.


  • One 3-hour session a day for 4 days
  • One 3-hour session a week for 4 weeks
  • One 3-hour session a month for 4 months

So even if your problems have been around forever, counseling doesn’t have to take forever.

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